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Changes in last update

  1. Update Youtube
  2. Update Other Functions
  3. Fixed Some Bugs
T245 Mini V3.37_07052023.bin DOWNLOAD
T245 Mini V3.38_18052023.bin DOWNLOAD
T245 Mini V3.39_31052023.bin DOWNLOAD
T245 mini V3.40_12072023.bin DOWNLOAD
T245 mini V3.44_30092023.bin DOWNLOAD
T245 mini V3.46_18102023.bin DOWNLOAD

Specifications / مواصفات

Technical Specification
Receiver Tiger mini t245
The device holds a card entrance to deal with conax cards with all force to operate digital terrestrial broadcasting
The device is produced by Tiger Star International Company
usb entrance
Storage capacity of 8000 stations
The device is mini with a great design while maintaining the specifications that come with the super large device
A very sensitive tuner for YouTube sign with Arabic search
Phone connection via g-mscreen app
Support for Alpine Sport audio channels
Support all types of codes
A list of the global menu flower
Tuner is very sensitive to signal
The device comes with 2 remotes
IKS Subscription
Free funcam sharing server for one year

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